Volvo On Board Diagnostic System

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OBD II Connector Used Pins

Volvo 940 OBDII connector: OBD used pins.jpg

Pinout Description

Pin Number OBDII Pin Function Volvo Function and Usage
1 Vendor Option EZ 116K Ignition system diagnostics
2 J1850 Bus +
3 Vendor Option LH 2.4 Fuel Injection diagnostics
4 Chassis Ground Chassis Ground
5 Signal Ground Signal Ground
6 CAN H (J-2234)
7 ISO 9141-2 K-Line Immobilizer 2, SRS and Power seats and RTI (Road traffic information)
8 Vendor Option
9 Vendor Option
10 J1850 Bus -
11 Vendor Option
12 Vendor Option ABS module diagnostics
13 Vendor Option Cruise control module diagnostics
14 CAN L (J-2234)
15 ISO 9141-2 L-Line
16 Battery Power Battery Power

DTC Blink Code Reader Schematic

OBD blink reader.png