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Hello, has anyone tried making a chip that will run on both 95 octane fuel and E85 ethanol fuel? I experimentet with this on my 1987 Chevy van TBI long time ago. So i know this is not impossible.

For ethanol to be used in a normal gasoline engine it requires about 30% more fuel into the engine for the same effect. (Do not worry, the lambdasond will fix this, but on stock chips the computer will think adaption is out of range).

I am thinking about moving the default fuelmap 15% higher, and let the lambdasond fix the fine tuning, ie decide if the car is running unleaded 95, or e85 or any mix in between. Hopefully this will work, if not also the adaption limitations must be widened (ie if not the 15% added on default fueltables will keep adaptation within limits).

Another problem is that in weather colder then +15 E85 wants extra choking to start perfectly. So the cold start enrichment parameters should probably be modified a litle. Hopefully there is a setting where it will start fine on both 95 octane and e85. (IE not to rich on 95).

E85 has a octane of about 104, so for performance and better fuel efficency it is possible to set spark timing more agressive. But it will run fine on normal spark timing too.

Input from other people would be interesting to hear.

ps. If you decide to try E85 in your older vechicle, it is recomended to change fuelfilter after the first 100km because the ethanol might disolve old buildups from the fueltank, clogging the filter.

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